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Welcome to the Aardwolf Mud WikiEdit

This wiki is a place for players of the Aardwolf MUD text-based game to come and learn more about the details of the game. Aardwolf has many layers, features and rules. These are all documented here, for anyone to search, edit and add to. In the end, this wiki could become the number 1 stop for players looking for information about the game. If you've never played Aardwolf, use the information below to get started! Welcome.  :)

Connecting to AardwolfEdit

The simplest way to connect to Aardwolf and begin playing is to download the MUSHclient for Aardwolf game client. Use the link below to download the zip file:

Simply unzip this package to a location of your choosing and run the MUSHclient.exe program. Getting confused? Don't worry, check out this detailed MUSHclient Installation And Startup page for detailed screenshots and more! Once complete, you're ready to play the game!

If you're a first time player, it can all be a bit overwhelming at first. Visit the Getting Started page to learn the first steps you should take in the game to get started. Welcome to Aardwolf! May your adventures be like nothing you've ever seen before.

Latest activityEdit

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